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Code Description # of toys
FMCol Fine Motor development-Colouring 0
FMCon Fine Motor development-Constructing 22
FMCut Fine Motor development-Cutting 0
FMDra Fine Motor development-Drawing 0
FMFol Fine Motor development-Follows object with eyes 5
FMPac Fine Motor development-Packing away 1
FMPic Fine Motor development-Picking up 37
FMPoi Fine Motor development-Pointing 16
FMRea Fine Motor development-Reaching 74
FMSha Fine Motor development-Sharing 14
FMThr Fine Motor development-Threading 2
FMTra Fine Motor development-Transferring 6
GMBal Gross Motor development-Balancing 9
GMCat Gross Motor development-Catching 0
GMCli Gross Motor development-Climbing 0
GMCra Gross Motor development-Crawling 22
GMHop Gross Motor development-Hopping 0
GMJum Gross Motor development-Jumping 0
GMKic Gross Motor development-Kicking 0
GMRid Gross Motor development-Riding 3
GMRol Gross Motor development-Rolling 2
GMRun Gross Motor development-Running 0
GMSit Gross Motor development-Sitting 4
GMSki Gross Motor development-Skipping 0
GMWal Gross Motor development-Walking 16
MPro Mathematical development-Problem-solving 14
MSpatial Mathematical development-Spatial sense 42
MPat Mathematical development-Patterns 4
MEst Mathematical development-Estimation 0
MNum Mathematical development-Number Sense 7
MMea Mathematical development-Measurement 1
LWri Language development-Writing 0
LOra Language development-Oral Language 22
LRea Language development-Reading 0
Ima Imagination 7